[ styles of yoga ]


Vinyasa is a sanskrit word that when translated means "to arrange something in a special way". In these classes, prepare to experience unique sequencing and a great soundtrack mixed with familiar yoga postures, mindfulness & breathwork to create the ultimate mind/body experience on your mat.

Flow with the breath >


Ever fallen into a perfect post-savasana bliss, only to lose it five minutes after leaving the studio? Or found yourself stiff & sore after days of working out? Or wondered why you just can’t shake your lower back aches & pains? Meet YIN, a mix of breath-work, slow movement, and long holds designed to heal the body with a focus on fascia & deep tissue release that might just help bring new light to these questions… and might just leave you feeling really, really good.

Slow it down >


SUP Yoga is literally a floating yoga class, taught outdoors on a Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP). 


This allows you the perfect opportunity to get present with the sky above you, the water below you, and the fresh air surrounding you. Not to mention, it allows for your body to experience yoga in an entirely new way, and you might just feel like a beginner all over again.

Flow on the water >

[ additional healing modalities ]


Cacao ceremonies are a shamanic ritual utilized to open & work with the heart. Tradition says that these ceremonies were hosted for three reasons: birth, death, and when the people of their village had lost their heart, or gratitude. For this third reason, I share this sacred offering, which can be customized, with anyone and everyone who is called to healing through this plant medicine.

Deeper connecting >


Crystal (Quartz) Singing Bowls offer a vibrational frequency potent enough to affect the cells in your body, sending healing throughout using the sound of the bowl, as well as added vibration through  vocal toning. Benefits can include: balancing energy & chakras, relaxation & stress relief, getting "unstuck" from unhealthy patterns, and a variety of other healing based on your current needs. 

Vibrational resonance >


Connect with your breath, your mind, and your body with various forms of meditation including:

-Guided Relaxation

-Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep)

-Metta (loving kindness)

-Shamanic Journeying

-Pranayama Breathwork

Each of these serves a different purpose, but with the same end goal: healing through stillness.

Quiet the mind >

[ currently offering ]


These sessions are almosty impossible to describle, but this is what makes them so worht it. Each cacao & guidance experience is fully curated to the client, their needs, and whatever comes through during the session. You will come with questions, and leave with integration work for your daily life so that, if you allow, you will be forever changed.

Private Medicine Sessions >


Guidance sessions, but with a twist. YOU are your guide, as I hold the space and help you decipher the messages from your highest self for whatever your curiosities might be. Sessions can be 1-1, small group, or offered at events/parties, and vary in length with the depth of the readings. Curiosity and openness can go quite a long way... if you dare.

Via your highest self >

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You might have heard that the worlds been shifting a bit in the past year or so... and with that, many offerings, including yoga classes, private clients, corporate wellness, and playhsops have become digital - and with that, available from anywhere! The calendar is up to date with Zoom Classes that can be signed up for in advance, and any offerings of interest (including custom sessions) can be tuned into & curated via the interwebs - just ask!

Just like in person... but not >


Yoga is truly for EVERY body. It simply comes in many forms - and studio based yoga is only one small piece of the puzzle. For one-on-one and small group clients, we create a schedule and sequencing based on your specific needs, which might include asana (movement), meditiation, pranayama (breathwork), and other healing work to get YOU feeling great in your mind, body & life. I come to you, offer virtual, and also have a space available for private sessions.

One on One or Small Group Sessions >


Whether locally or international, retreats should never be an "escape" from reality. I ask the question, "How can you ENHANCE your life through being present to this experience?" and utilize yoga and other practices to create a baseline for you to re-enter the "real world" as a more whole, more fulfilled version of yourself. And yeah, sometimes we add beautiful sunsets, connection time with pachamama, and wonder-worthy moments for extra credit.

Will travel for healing >


Often times, a 60-minute class only begins to skim the surface. To find ample time to dive deep & really play with the experience, these 2+ hour offerings have plenty of space for exploration so that once can fully receive the practice.

I am currently available for local & travel opportunities, so if you are interested in bringing something to your studio, office, or event space, please inquire for a list of current playshop offerings. For an updated calendar of current happenings, check "Yoga with Elyza" on Facebook.

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